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After working for Railroad Contractors for more than 20 years Roosevelt decided to continue with his Railroad Consultant firm. Started twice before but was called to perform duties with Balfour Beatty and with Webber LLC. The pandemic accelerated his decision of work on his own, understanding that many of the task that he performed before, as estimating and scheduling, as well as contract document preparations and audit can easily be done from the home office. 

The extensive experience of more than thirty years working with contractors, sub-contractors, clients and customers stand as a solid background to ensure the outstanding quality and performance on the services offered through All Track Us Consulting. Several railroad veterans were invited, to be ready to be hired as the opportunity arise. All hard workers and experienced track men.


Senior Railroad Consultant



Graduated as Alferez (Second Lieutenant) on the Corp of Engineers in 1973, continued in the Army until 1990, where he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. During his career, he studied for years, more than eight engineer related mastering courses. He won a grant to study in Brazil, to the Mastering School of the Army, where he received the Tittle of Master Engineer of the Army. He also attended the Military Institute for the Army Staff, mandatory for those who seek to become Generals of the Army. After two year he graduated as Army Staff Officer, the highest achievement of a Commander. 

He came to the United States in the year of 1995 where he started working for M-Track Enterprises on his first project in US soil. The project was the extension of the Red Line, from Wheaton to Glenmont. He started as an assistant surveyor, in a year was promoted to Chief Surveyor and added to his duties the project engineer. He worked in two more projects for WMATA: The Blue Line, Capitol South and Green Line, from Anacostia to Branch Avenue, both as Chief Surveyor and Project Engineer. 

With no more project on the horizon in the Great Washington DC area, he was hired by MARTA Track to act as Quality Manager in a DART Project in Dallas, Texas. From there he was transferred to Hoboken, New Jersey, to continue as Project Engineer and Quality Manager. He also worked on Ground Zero, in the rehabilitation of the tunnel, from 51st Station to WTC. After, working as a Metroplex employee (MARTA Track) he went to Largo, Maryland, where he was promoted to Project Manager. Once again, the ongoing projects in the area were completed. He started working with Architects and Engineers, doing consulting work for Comstock, in the installation of APM, Automatic People Mover underground system in the Dulles Airport. 

In the year 2008 he came back to work with Balfour Beatty in a challenging 8 month, 65 miles of new track construction, from Rosenberg to Victoria, Texas. He also worked on a Streetcar Extension for HART, 3.000 ft of embedded track, in Tampa, Florida. He bid several jobs in different locations and collaborated with other ongoing projects as the Streetcar in Downtown, Minneapolis. 

In 2013 started All Track US, his Consulting Company (Ex All About Track). With various customers, such as Dana B Kenyon and Southern National Track, he worked in all South East Region. Again, he was called to work with Webber LLC, as a Senior Railroad Estimator, in the year 2016. In 2017 he went back to Balfour Beatty as a position of Track Construction Manager needed to be filled, in Thornton, Colorado. From there, the company moved him to GLXC joint venture, in Boston Massachusetts, later he was called to work in another Transit rehabilitation project by Lane Construction, this time in South Boston, on the Red Line. 

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit the country, he worked from home for 3 months. Seeing the feasibility of working from home, while the restriction of travel were in effect, he reopened the Consulting Company, All Track US, This time, he added an international branch, to answer the calls for support from overseas.


  • Military Engineer – Military Academy of Uruguay. School for Captains
  • Commander Staff Master Course 2 years • U.S. Army, U.S. Corps of Engineer – Mastering School of Brazilian Army 
  • Construction Claims 2003 • Expedition – Primavera Construction Management 2004
  • Construction Links Estimating software 2004 
  • Derailment Seminar 2010
  • Railway Track Systems: Engineering and Design U. of Wisconsin 2011
  • Client and Opportunity Development – Proposals and estimates 2011
  • Fundamentals of Railway Train Control and Signaling, Including PTC Systems 2011
  • Primavera P 6 2013 
  • Heavybid Estimating Software 2016 
  • OSHA 10 hours 201


  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese (Reading, Writing & Speaking,)
  • Computer Literate: Primavera P6 – Excel – Word – Outlook – Heavy Bid —Survey and Drafting Programs – Sketch up – Adobe Professional – Adobe Illustrator –Revu Blue Beam. 
  • Master in Theological Studies – Logos Christian University. 
  • Professor of Theological Studies afterwards.


  • Committee member, Hispanic workforce development organization
  • Member of PMI Institute