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We create the list of submittals and incorporate them into a schedule.

Cost Control

Being the most important tool to keep the track on the spending, we coordinate the cost code, or create one for the project and, using the daily reports, we monitor each cost and send a red flag when the forecasted spending is being exceeded.


We create and, or monitor the project schedule, keeping the project manager informed, using percentage completed, durations or units. We also advise in anticipation, the activities that becomes or are in the critical paths. We recommend remediations in case that the schedule needs to be revised, to return to the original substantial completion.


The load of documents to be submitted and approved is overwhelming sometimes. We alleviate the pressure of the management, providing the required procedures, as per contract.


Often, the Specifications contains contradictory information, and out of date requirements. We revise them and highlight the issues.

Materials Delivery

Is the material delivery scheduled according to the activities? Is it approved? Is the Quality Department informed when it arrives? How is the material being tracked? We provide the internal procedures that fit the organization, the schedule and the owner requirements.

Equipment Needs

Some equipment is hard to find, or having it available when needed. We have an extensive list of suppliers and rental companies, and can search for what is needed with enough anticipation, to make sure that is on site on time to be inspected and ready to run when needed.